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The Early Childhood Program

The Early Childhood Classroom is designed for the 3-6 year old student and is divided into the following curricular areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, and Language Arts. The materials in each area are vibrant and carefully displayed in a deliberate sequence and order. The lessons attract students’ attention and allow them to practice order, coordination, concentration, and independence. The multi age classroom allows for the older children to teach and mentor the younger students. It’s a natural progression of socialization that provides beautiful leadership possibilities. The younger students learn seamlessly with their older peers.

The child arrives in their classroom between 8:25-8:40. They greet their teacher at the door and is able to organize their belongings in their cubby. The student is encouraged to get a book or work on a quiet lesson as they wait for other classmates to arrive.

“Circle Time” is a community meeting for our younger students, where specific concepts are being enforced with multi-sensorial approach. Music, drama, rhymes are used to practice classroom concepts. Students are then dismissed to work on lessons. They are presented new lessons either individually or in small groups, or encouraged to practice previous ones.

There is a mid-morning break for snack and recess. Children practice lessons in grace and courtesy skills for snack, and lunch and are encouraged to play, socialize, imagine, build and have fun during recess. Lunch is in the classroom in the mid-day. The Pre K3 children are offered a nap or rest period while other students continue to work on lessons in the afternoon. There is a mid afternoon recess. Dismissal for the PreK3 and PreK4 is 2pm and the Kindergarten students are dismissed at 3pm.

Sacred Studies and Music, are taught weekly to all early childhood students to enhance our curriculum. Everyone goes to our chapel service Wednesday at 9am. Kindergarten students, specifically, are introduced to Marine Biology, Computer Class, and Movement Classes. The children work on Art and Technology in class. Spanish is either practiced once a week or integrated throughout the curriculum, as in our bilingual classroom.

One of the Early Childhood classes is now a Bilingual Montessori Class. In this class one section of the room will be taught in English and the other section will be in Spanish. Both Sections will provide students an environment rich in curricular materials in each language. Children will be allowed the fluidity to move from environment to environment throughout the day in exploration of both languages.