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A myriad of enrichment programs are offered after School hours. Programs range from Musical instruction to creative writing and crafting. These programs are taught by qualified and vetted personnel who are held to strict standards in line with St. Christopher’s faculty.


Kidokinetics is a unique and carefully designed program to promote sports, fitness and improve self confidence. Students are introduced to the skills for a full array of sports through drills, exercises and rapid fire fun activities. Kidokinetics encourages individual achievement in a non-competitive environment.


Math can be so much FUN!
Word problems requiring critical thinking skills will be tackled using a variety of materials. This program will benefit both students struggling with math, as well as those who simply enjoy a math challenge and would like to move ahead.


This program is a perfect introduction to music, where your child will learn basic concepts in music to build strong foundational music skills. These fun and energetic classes will also include active and creative movement as well as multi-sensory activities, storytelling, games, puppets, bubbles and much more!


Super Soccer Stars teaches soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive and educational environment. Through age-specific curriculum, they use soccer to nurture, build self-confidence and develop teamwork.


These classes are designed to improve focus and concentration, develop strong discipline habits, increase confidence and learn practical techniques of self-defense.


Directed by highly qualified coaches, our dance programs are specifically designed to deliver action-packed sessions of fun, fitness, motor skill development and character-building for girls of all ages and levels of ability. The ballet program generates opportunities to perform well individually and in groups improving skills within structured and safe coaching sessions. We focus on self-confidence, good posture & grace. Participants acquire technique, balance, flexibility & coordination while learning essential rules of traditional ballet, related vocabulary, culture, movements and steps.


Flamenco teaches the fundamentals of this wonderful art while developing the sense of rhythm, stimulating concentration and strengthening motor skills.


Students will explore the basic elements of storytelling, such as theme, characterization, plot, and setting, as well as point of view and dialogue. They will venture into the wondrous world of poetry and rhyme.


This program teaches tumbling, stretching, strengthening classes in a motivating manner. Kids from an early age discover the importance of staying fit for their own personal well being.


This class is designed to promote coordination creating an environment where children can share a fun filled social experience. Students must have roller skates, helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads to participate.


Art club provides the opportunity for students to pursue more specific art interests by extending their knowledge with different art techniques. Students will learn teamwork while working collaboratively working on projects. Through self-expression and creativity, their art will be displayed throughout our school environment.


Robotics fosters fun hands-on science, technology and math learning through computer programming, mechanics and physics. Students create awesome individual and team projects every week. During the last month of the session, students may complete a take-home robot. There will be an optional supply fee of $30 for the students who want to make it.


Fencing is a combat sport between two opponents who are competing to score points on one another using one of the three classical weapons – saber, epee or foil (the blades are neither sharp or pointed, thus there is no threat of serious injury, and competitors wear protective gear). Fencing possesses a rich global history, and even today many of the terms used in the sport retain their European origin. “En garde” (the term describing a fencer’s starting stance) and “touché” (the result of landing a successful attack) are two of the more popular terms associated with the sport. In fact, matches are primarily called by referees in French or Italian, regardless of where the match is taking place.


In our Cooking club, students will learn independence and responsibility. It will give your children the opportunity to explore healthy options while enhancing their senses. Also, We will occasionally satisfy their sweet tooth.