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The Elementary Program

The Lower Elementary teaches students ages 6-9 (Grades 1-3), while the Upper Elementary teaches the 9-12 year old students (Grades 4-6).

The children arrive in their classes between 8:15 and 8:25. They greet their teachers, organize their belongings for the day, and usually begin with a creative writing activity. Upon completion, the class usually meets for a community meeting and are ready to start with their lessons by 9am or 9:30. The morning hours have been purposefully designed to allow for a 2-3 hour period of uninterrupted time for lessons. A highly trained and credentialed teacher guides each child to lessons that will specifically strengthen the skill or concepts the student is currently working on.

The elementary classroom is divided into Language Arts, Mathematics and the Cultural Areas, this incorporates Geography, History, Arts and Science. Snack, lunch and recess provide for nice breaks to socialize and refresh mid-day. The afternoon hours are mostly dedicated to co-curricular subjects taught by specialists, these include Art, Choir, Music, Sacred Studies, Marine Biology, Physical Education, Computers and Spanish.

Sacred Studies and Music, are taught weekly to all early childhood students to enhance our curriculum. Everyone goes to our chapel service Wednesday at 9am.  Kindergarten students, specifically, are introduced to Marine Biology, Computer Class, and Movement Classes. The teachers teach Art and Spanish in the classroom.