Marine Biology and Physical Education

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Marine Biology

St. Christopher’s proximity to such a diverse aquatic ecosystem and the natural inquisitiveness of the Montessori student is an organic partnership for learning and is cultivated through our unique Marine Biology Curriculum. We are lucky to have a resident Marine Biologist, Mr. Gerard Loisel, who brings a wealth of knowledge to our unique program.

In Kindergarten, the curriculum begins with an introduction to Marine Biology through dedicated workshops led by Mr. Loisel.

In class workshops for all Elementary students for research are combined with field- study trips and outings to wade in the beautiful Biscayne Bay, “bringing to life” the learning.

Students in the Upper Elementary have an in-class touch tank and two salt water aquariums that are kept stocked with Marine Life for in-class study.

Physical Education and Creative Awareness

Physical education is taught with age appropriate elements so students learn coordination and principles of fitness and conditioning.

Students are also allotted time for the playground. As studies have shown, unstructured playtime is very important to the development of creativity.
Students in the Elementary School participate twice a week in Physical Education at the Village Green.  

Each year the students also participate in the Annual PTO Field Day where the entire community gathers at the Village Green.

A partnership with the national fundraiser, Jump-Rope-A-Thon to benefit the American Heart Association, fosters good health while following our philosophy of charity.