Arts and Technology

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Visual Art 

Art in all its variety teaches creativity. Art is prominent throughout the Montessori environment and is present in order and structure. From the youngest Montessori student to the oldest, art is cultivated in daily curriculum. Pre-School focuses on art that is concrete while Elementary students foray into the abstract.

Occasions to produce art and exhibit it are available throughout the School year. Collaboration with the Music Department for the Christmas Show produce set design opportunities and creative projects are part of our curriculum driven annual International Show. Each class works on an exciting group project that incorporates collaboration and cooperation.   The culmination of each year’s Art program is the annual Art Show where student’s artwork is exhibited and celebrated.

Music and Choir 

Music is taught to encourage movement, singing and listening and to foster love and appreciation of the art. Students are exposed to music is part of the daily routine in the Montessori classroom from the early years. Preschoolers regularly sing songs in preparation for lessons as well as learn Spiritual songs for Chapel service performances while Elementary students have dedicated Music class once a week.

Performance opportunities at St. Christopher’s are plenty with a talented Musical staff leading two annual shows, The Christmas Show and the International Show. Both programs are a major collaboration with all Faculty involved, living into our Montessori philosophy.

Choir is a privilege for students interested in performing above and beyond the opportunities in School. Students who demonstrate musical ability as well as good cooperation skills and good attitude are invited.


From Kindergarten and forward all students learn appropriate developmental research skills and computer programs in a dedicated computer lab.

Computer technology is integrated into collaborative projects throughout the Curriculum.

In addition, Upper Elementary students use IPAD technology as a complement to our traditional Montessori Method.